1962 Porsche Super 90 - Reader Ride

By: Guy Allen, Photography by: Guy Allen & Angry Man

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Dave Chapman's Porsche is a tiny package that packs a lot of punch


Dave Chapman's 1962 Porsche Super 90

The 356 T6 is the last body shape of the 356 series and it has the larger windscreen, and this one has drum brakes. There was also a C with disc brakes. This car is the first T6 Super 90 in Australia, It came directly from Germany to the Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne for the motor show and was sold there.

It’s a typical Porsche boxer four engine and is the largest of the three – there was the Normal, which was the 60 horsepower, the Super which was 75 and the Super 90. It’s a 1600 with four-speed transmission.


It was way ahead of its time in 1962 – it was a fast little car then and it’s a fast little car now!   I love driving it. It’s very tight – not a squeak or a rattle on board – and it’s very predictable. It loves to rev and you have to use the gears of course, as it’s only a small-capacity engine.

Porsches have a reputation for being bulletproof and this lives up to it. I’ve never driven it as hard as a I did yesterday  – I had it singing. It’s never been treated as a racing car in the past, but it has been now. (We met at the Tas Classic Rallye.)


I’ve made some changes since buying it a few years ago. It had leather sets, but originally had blue vinyl – I’m the only person I know who has taken out leather and put vinyl in! The leatherette vinyl was difficult to obtain in the right colour, but I managed to track some down in Germany, via a connection in the USA.


We managed to find that and the square weave German carpet as well, so it’s come up a treat.

It’s lovely to have it the way it left the factory. We’ve added a few period accessories, such as the Tecnomagnesio wheels and beautiful Nardi steering wheel.


You’re only a custodian of the car for a period of time, so until you put some of your own personality into the car you’re driving someone else’s. So you have to do something to make it your own.


Valuation: Owners are asking circa $180-200k-plus.



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