1983 Audi UR Quattro Group B Rally Replica - Reader Ride

By: Douglas Fernie, Photography by: Sean Tanner

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Douglas Fernie's Audi Quattro Group B Rally Replica

This was the car that really revolutionised rallying and took it into the modern era. Once this car arrived, every other one was just playing catch up. The Quattro is so iconic, it was always going to be the one car to replicate.


Myself and a good mate Hillary Evans, built this faithful replica ourselves using the internet and images as our reference. We found a body shell in Queensland. We had to source parts all around the world, making everything else from scratch. The engine came from South Africa and a lot of the valves and sensors came from England. Computers and ignition came from America, with various sensors from Germany. The suspension alone would get you a nice rally car all on its own.


We saw a photo of a Stig Blomqvist rally car, and decided that's the livery we wanted to replicate. If you were to look at photos side by side of the cars you couldn’t spot which one was ours. If you look inside, you’ll see the dash is all made exactly as it should be made, even the fuel tank, etc. The road Audi has a much smaller wing, this one has the bigger genuine group B wing. We’ve carefully pieced it together, so it's got all the bits and pieces it should have.


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