1966 Shelby Hertz Mustang - Reader Ride

By: Peter Phokos, Photography by: Guy Allen

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Peter Phokos' 1966 Shelby Hertz

It was when Ford wanted to lift the profile of the Mustangs, they were doing several versions, including this special with Hertz. There weren’t many built. The idea was potential buyers could rent a high-performance version, which might convince them to buy one. Most of them are black and gold and auto. They were often hired by execs who could use them to do a bit of track time.

As a kid, I loved the Mustangs, and it was that particular colour and style that I loved the most.  The funny part was I didn’t really understand the history and significance of them until after I bought one.


It wasn’t about the history when I bought it, this was more about the style of it.

I bought this in 2013 and it was in more or less the shape you see it in now. I did a bit of bodywork to it, did the stripes, got a few dings and bangs out of it. Mechanically it was in very good condition.

It’s still running the 289 and three-speed.


For that era, its power performance and handling was exceptional.

Don’t get me wrong, I must admit when I first drove it after I bought it I wondered what the hell had I done! It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t turn, it doesn’t go.

It wasn’t until I got used to it and started to drive other old cars that I realised how good it is for its time.


I took my father out for the first drive, which was to Melbourne, down the old coastal road. He’s passed now, but it’s a good memory.


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