1982 Ford XE Falcon - Reader Ride

By: Michael St James with Guy Allen

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This high-spec V8 Falcon still has a few mysteries to reveal

This is an unusual car – it was built to police spec, but in this silver colour. I’ve chased its history, and on the verification papers it’s one of only six in this colour.

The police cars were generally blue, white or yellow, I can’t find anything with silver. Given the high spec, it was perhaps ordered for someone in police command.

I’ve had a lot of Falcons in the past, including ESPs and always loved the shape. They’re a good car to be in.

I’ve done a bit of a tidy up on it – nothing too crazy. The engine now has an electronic ignition, all the instruments have been sorted out and freshened up.


The body was good when I got it – no rust. They generally rust at the top of the rear quarters and the front firewall, but this one was fine. I got a few patches of paint cleaned up and a coat of clear over it.

It’s running a 5.8lt V8 with a genuine C4 floor shift and a factory 9-inch diff, which is pretty rare in these.

It’s also running factory discs all round and air-conditioning, which tends to support the idea it may have been ordered for someone senior in the force. The production numbers on the car support that, but I don’t really know all the details at this stage – it’s something I want to clarify, maybe through one of the clubs.

I enjoy driving these old cars, the smell of the old leather, the petrol, just the general feel of them.

Valuation: Owners are asking $10-90k depending on model and condition.


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