1988 Nissan 300 ZX - Reader Ride

By: Dave Carey, Photography by: Dave Carey

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nissan 300zx nissan 300zx
nissan 300zx rear nissan 300zx rear
nissan 300zx rear 2 nissan 300zx rear 2
nissan 300zx interior nissan 300zx interior
courtney and morgan thomas courtney and morgan thomas

Last of the iconic long-nosed coupes


Courtney & Morgan Thomas' Nissan 300ZX

This is the ‘Californian’, the last version of the Z31 300ZX and is one of only 200 sold in Australia. We bought it about seven years ago; the seller didn’t want it to go to some kid cranking doof-doof music, but when we showed up in one of our older Z31s, it was a good sign!


Like most of them sold here, this was auto, so we converted it to manual, fitted a water-to-air intercooler, aftermarket computer and Konis on all four corners.

It’s got about 200 horses at the rears and does just fine as it is so we don’t have any more plans. You take the roof off, you go for a drive, it has plenty of power and it goes around corners!

Valuation: Owners of good Z31s are asking up to high teens


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