1968 & 1980 MGB - Reader Ride

By: Guy Allen, Photography by: Angry Man & Guy Allen

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Living proof that these little Brit bullets can take a lot of punishment

The Evetts family have a remarkable relationship with their MGBs, treating them as very few owners would. The GT (in red) is driven down by owner John from Mackay in Queensland to Tasmania each year for the Targa Tas Classic Rallye. That’s a round trip of around 3000km.


Bob, the owner of the roadster, and who John blames for getting them into these cars, has a relatively short (but still substantial) run from NSW. Once they get to the event, we can vouch for the fact they give their cars a comprehensive hiding, without any reliability issues.

Anyone who’s tried to keep up with them can also vouch for the fact the cars are surprisingly quick on a twisty road.


This year the pair had company: John had his son Chris on board, while Bob was travelling with Bjorn Ostbye. The pair are related by marriage, and this is Bjorn’s second trip across from Norway for the Rallye.

Bjorn has so far managed to avoid MGB ownership, but he has caught the classic car bug. He’s recently purchased a 1972 Saab Sonett V4, a diminutive coupe with a fibreglass body running a 1500 Ford Taurus powerplant.


Back to the MGBs: we just had to ask how they go on long trips, because they’re not exactly the most roomy car on the planet. Both brothers swear they are very comfortable as they have exceptionally good seats. They’re certainly racking up the miles to prove it...




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