Triumph 1960 TR3A - Reader Ride

By: Peter Clarke

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Peter Clarke's Triumph 1960 TR3A

I’ve had many Triumphs over the years and this TR3A has been mine for the past three years.

When I got it, I rebuilt it with all the niceties on it like four-pot calipers, an aluminium radiator and power-assisted brakes and while it was off the road I drove one of my other Triumphs.

I have always had a passion for Triumphs and in the past I have had TR6s and TR4As but for me it’s all about the price range, hence the TR3A. I can rebuild the motor myself with parts costing about $650 which includes pistons, rings and liners. The engine is just over 2000cc, a four-cylinder with a four-speed gearbox and electric overdrive, making it basically a six speed. It is a fully synchro gearbox and it’s the same basic gearbox Triumph has used from the TR2 to the Stag.

Triumph -rear

The brakes are discs up front and drums on the back as they were originally, but I put four-pot calipers on the front, which gives it better stopping power.

I’ve done about 12,000 kilometres in it and last year we went to Tasmania from Brisbane, about 6000-kilometre round trip, which was terrific. It didn’t burn any oil, didn’t use any water and didn’t let us down at all and it was great fun. But we did have to put the roof up in Tasmania.

It’s great to drive now, after I fitted rack and pinion steering. The handling is better and overall it is more comfortable to drive. With the large wheel and old steering system it was hard work in the corners.

Peter -clarke

I actually found this TR3A online in New South Wales.

Actually when we were in Tasmania somebody looked at it and they thought they recognised the car. I don’t really know how, but apparently it did come from Tasmania originally. Then the chap went on to say how well it was rebuilt after it crashed in the race. I said I don’t want to know any more but apparently it has been in some races with the original owner in Tasmania, but the chassis is straight and all good otherwise I wouldn’t put any more into it.

Triumph -dash


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