1973 Datsun 240Z - Reader Ride

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datsun 240z 1 datsun 240z 1
datsun 240z rear datsun 240z rear
datsun 240z front datsun 240z front
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andrew and jo williams andrew and jo williams

We caught up with Andrew & Jo Williams and their 240Z at the Classic Rallye in Tassie

With a big motorsport history and a shape that has aged very gracefully, Datsun 240Zs have become among the most desirable of the late Japanese classics, something that has been reflected in their soaring prices.

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Andrew and Jo Williams are well aware of the model’s popularity and didn’t mess around when they first spotted this one for sale a few years ago. "It was advertised in Adelaide on a Sunday night and by the time I called Monday morning the owner had got about 30 enquiries," explains Andrew. "Strangely enough it was extremely well-priced but people were still making offers. So I just said, ‘Look, just give me your bank account details’.

Andrew -and -jo -williams

"That’s how it happened. The car got trucked to Melbourne, we sailed up – we live in Launceston – and brought it back on the boat."

As appearances suggest, there’s been a bit of work done to the Zed. "It’s been lowered 30mm with heavier duty springs," explains Andrew.

"It’s currently running an L26 (engine) that’s been ported, and port-matched with triple 45mm Webers. We also bought some seats out of the UK that are close to the old Nissan competition seats."

So what’s it like behind the wheel? "It’s really great to drive and certainly ahead of its time."


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