1967 Maserati Mexico - Reader Ride

By: Ian Crisp

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Ian Crisp's 4.7-litre V8 Maserati Mexico

It’s a left-hand drive 1967 Maserati Mexico with a 4.7-litre V8. The original owner was based in New York and it must have had a hard life originally because I bought it as a full restoration project from Mario Lombardi about three years ago. This car needed a total nut and bolt ground-up restoration. It was a bit of a basket case at first so virtually the whole of the floors and six inches up have been reconstructed, the bonnet and boot lid have been totally rebuilt by hand, so everything on this car has been restored, as I said every nut and bolt.

It has been an interesting project to be involved in and finding all the experts around the place who do up all the parts, supply parts and engineer parts and I’ve had a lot of components made from scratch. The interior was totally restored and the only thing that’s not original on the car is the Italian Nardi steering wheel, but it looks better than the original I think. This car has been restored to the original specification and has matching engine and gearbox numbers. The body, interior and colour are all original as it came out of the factory. It is light metallic silver and at home I have all the factory build-sheets for it and it matches perfectly. The restoration took about three years.

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I have been a Maserati fan for a long time and always been a classic car fanatic and I started with a fully restored MGA when I was 18.

I surprised myself with the Mexico as I looked at it and took on the project having never driven one before and it has surprised me as it is such a wonderful car to drive. It’s a real highway cruiser and very luxurious. It’s hard to believe it is 51 years old.

It has tons of power and is an easy car to drive, much easier than I thought it would be. There is so much glass in the car that the all-round vision is excellent. It’s not like modern cars that are hard to see out of. I like Maseratis and I’d like another project, but they are getting hard to find as most have been snapped up. But we’ll see what happens.

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