1987 Ford ZL LTD Hearse - Reader Ride

By: Unique Cars magazine

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ford hearse rear ford hearse rear
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Rob Ellbourn tells us about his 1987 Ford ZL LTD Hearse

This car was built by WD Hadley in Smithfield, Sydney, but was a local Adelaide car; it was only taken out of service in about 2011.

It had shifted to Queensland so when I bought it I flew up and drove it home. The owner moved into a unit and naturally, this didn’t fit. I drive a truck for a living, so it’s pretty easy for me to swing around!

Ford -hearse -2

It runs the 4.1 litre six and is just a cruiser. It’s not my daily but I do get out and drive it a fair bit. I picked up the WTF award so it’s a two-time trophy winner now!

Ford -hearse -1


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