1986 HDT VL SS Group A Plus Pack - Reader Ride

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holden commodore ss holden commodore ss

After a 28-year relationship, Paul's affection for his lovely plus pack SS is as strong as ever


Paul Krivitch's VL Group A SS

I bought this in 1989 when it was only 18 months old. Chris Muelengraaf of SES Crane Hire originally owned it, optioning it up with a sunroof, but he decided to upgrade to the Walkinshaw, so that’s where I stepped in.

It’s never been a daily; I’ve done about 99,000km in it since 1989. It runs the original T5 manual and 304-cube V8; and it’s a Plus Pack, so it’s got the Energy Polariser.

Paul -krivitch

I’ve not had to touch it, although I did upgrade the brakes just the other day. I put on a set of slotted, cross-drilled rotors as I want to do the Classic Adelaide Prima Tour next year. I’ve kept all the original bits, but it was always gonna need better brakes!


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