1956 Holden FJ Van Ex-PMG - Reader Ride

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holden fj van holden fj van

'Postman Pete' and his bright red EffJay PeeVee will be ready to deliver when the call is received


Peter Papageorgiou's Holden FJ Van

I came across this car in ’97; it was for sale in Tasmania, and was still in use by a cleaning business! Once I brought it home, I discovered red flecks under the white paint. I got onto early-Holden expert Don Loffler and he confirmed it was an ex-Postmaster General van.

Peter -papageorgiou

Naturally, once I knew this, I had to restore it back to original, with all the correct extras that came on PMG vans. I sourced the extra rear light, fuel filler-with-chain and an oil filter, which the standard FJ lacked. I even managed to find an original PMG hat! Some of the PMG vans actually came with no passenger-side door but Tassie was a bit cold for that, I reckon!



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