Holden UC Torana 3.3 - Reader Ride

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holden torana uc holden torana uc
holden torana uc front holden torana uc front
holden torana rear holden torana rear
holden uc torana wheel holden uc torana wheel
holden torana petrol holden torana petrol
holden torana tail light holden torana tail light
holden torana lx interior holden torana lx interior
harold sutton harold sutton

Harold Sutton's Holden Torana UC 3.3

Dad bought this car back in 1979 and he had it running around Melbourne and Adelaide. When he passed away I ended up with it.

I used it as a daily driver for a couple of years. But people kept leaving notes on it where it was parked at work – I guess they wanted to buy it – and I got sick of the attention, so parked it and drove a bomb to work.

I put the sports wheel on it because it’s more comfortable. The original was oval and felt like a football. Someone I worked with had an SL/R wheel and it went well with the sports dash I fitted. I kept the original cluster so it can be changed back.

Harold -suttonHarold Sutton is the second generation to own this car

It’s got the 202 and three-on-the-tree. I enjoy it, it feels good after bouncing around in heavy haulage trucks. Some people talk about them having a harsh ride, but I enjoy it – it feels like a limousine!

The values are going up, but I did have a bit of an argument with my insurance company over what it’s worth. I’ve had a couple of Toranas over time, including an LJ I bought off a friend. This is the last of the sixes. After this the Sunbird four took over and that was the end of it...


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