Austin Freeway - Reader Ride

By: Nairn Hindhaugh

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austin freeway austin freeway
austin freeway rear detail austin freeway rear detail
austin freeway badge austin freeway badge
austin freeway interior front austin freeway interior front
austin freeway dash austin freeway dash

Nairn Hindhaugh's Austin Freeway

Former BMC advertising exec Nairn Hindhaugh is nothing if not dedicated to his former employer’s product. A member of the Austin Motor Vehicle Club of Qld, Nairn had three cars from his fleet of BMC/Leyland models on display; an 1800 that has been in the family since virtually new, the Maxi and this Freeway sedan which he acquired in 1983.

"In reality the Freeway and companion Wolseley 24/80 probably came onto the market three years too late to have an impact," Nairn explained. "By 1962 the XL Falcon was available and Holden was ready to move on from its ‘grey’ motor cars so the Freeway was outmoded."

Nairn -hindhaugh

The car during its 34 years of current ownership has been treated to a full engine rebuild and respray but hasn’t been left to languish in a shed between automotive outings.

"It’s been to Perth and Tasmania and all over the place for other Austin events," he said "It’s on full registration and copes easily with day-to-day running if needs be. With the massive boot and roomy interior it also makes an excellent load-carrier for swap meets."


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