1951 Bedford Truck - Reader Ride

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david hack classic 28 david hack classic 28

Family Heirloom 1951 Bedford Truck


Ken and Dave Maurer's 1951 Bedford Truck

We caught up with Ken Maurer at this year's David Hack Classic. Here's what he had to say about his much-loved classic Bedford...

"The 19th of March 1952 is when I bought this and I’ve had it ever since. I ordered a chassis and cab and built the back on it myself and it was the truck we started our building business with. It’s original as far as condition goes with the 214ci six-cylinder petrol with 4-speed synchromesh and even the original Q number plate on the back.

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I got pulled over by the police recently and a little girl in a uniform told me I had to have a front number plate. I said they never gave me one in 1952! It’s been up and down ‘The Range’ quite a few times, lots of fishing trips, my brother once drove it to Townsville and back; she did 23mpg. I’ve now passed it on to my son Dave and he will pass it to his kids; it’s staying in the family."

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