1962 Studebaker R2 Avanti Supercharged - Reader Ride

By: Marie Judd

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We caught up with Marie Judd and her '62 Studebaker at the Shannons American Motor Show in Melbourne earlier this year


Marie Judd's 1962 Studebaker R2 Avanti Supercharged

They're not a common car, but they’re beautiful and I like things that are a bit different. I’ve had it for 25 years.

I’ve always liked Studebakers and that was the one that took my fancy. It’s the supercharged version, which makes it special.

It’s been through a ground-up restoration, and it’s been done to original specs. People are sometimes surprised to learn that the Studebaker Car Club in America is one of the biggest auto groups over there and they have a good spare parts inventory, so looking after this car really isn’t a problem. Service parts in particular are easy to get.

What do I like about driving it? Everything!

| Gallery: Shannons American Motor Show



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