1987 Nissan HR31 Skyline GTS coupe - Reader Ride

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Danny Grose talks about his '87 Nissan Skyline GTS coupe


Danny's JDM HR31 Skyline was imported a few years back with only 20,000k’s on the clock. "The first Aussie owner sat on it and didn’t use it, but the next guy did; it had 69,000 on it when I bought it three years ago." That’s still great k’s for a 30-year-old car.

"It was completely stock," Danny admits, "I’ve fitted a later-model ‘silvertop’ RB20 out of an R32, plus R32 four-piston brakes up front and twin pistons on the rear."

He also upgraded the suspension, "I got a set of Emotion U-Weld coilovers; you take the factory HR31 strut, mess around with them a bit and combine the Emotion gear."

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With a set of SSR Professors, 17x8 up front and 17x9 at the back, it stops, goes and turns better than it did from new; so how’s the downforce? Danny laughs, "I fitted a GTS-R bootlip spoiler. It must be working; I’ve put 30,000k’s on it since I bought it and it’s still right-side up!"

Danny leaves us with his thoughts on R31 ownership, "I did daily it for a while and still drive it heaps. I love to get it out; I don’t think cars should be stuck in the garage!"



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