1975 Datsun 240K Coupe - Reader Ride

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Gerry Castrechini talks about his '75 Datsun C110 240K coupe

"I’ve owned this 240K since 2006; I bought it before Japanese classics were ‘cool’!" laughs Gerry. "I paid $350 for it; it had a lot of rust; right up into the roof!"

As owner of Bayswater restoration business Presto Industries, Gerry had the tools and the means to resurrect the sorry Skyline, but this is no resto.

"It’s like a Foose rendition of a Skyline," Gerry explains. "It runs all GTR stuff; tail lights, interior, grille and steering wheel." With only 197 KPGC110 Skyline GTRs built, it’s fitting a tribute has been built from one of our once-unloved 240Ks, but under the bonnet things deviate drastically.

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Gerry’s 240K runs an RB25 with a high-mount turbo, R33 Skyline turbo gearbox and tough R200 rear end. To pull things up, late-model GTR brakes are fitted all around.

"It’s quick, as the plate says, but it’s not a race car; it’s got three TVs in there, electric mirrors and windows, aircon; I drive it every day. If I’m not in the work truck, I’m in this."

With Gerry’s 240K the only C110 Skyline/240K model represented at the Nationals, we’re glad he gets out in it so often. Just don’t line it up at the lights!


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