1966 Prince Skyline GT-B - Reader Ride

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Ross Smith talks about his 1966 Prince S54B Skyline GT-B


"I remember seeing this thing at a car show years ago; it was named ‘Marvin’ and was very ‘90s’ show car with MDF lettering on the parcel shelf and a carpeted centre console made of wood!" Ross laughs of his exceptionally rare Prince Skyline. Little did he know he would one day own that car.

"It disappeared for years, then popped back up on my radar when it attended All Japan Day in about 2008. Next thing, it was on Gumtree." Excitement barely contained, Ross made an offer and drove it home.

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Some may consider the RB20 turbo conversion and R32 brakes sacrilege, but for Ross it meant the purchase was affordable, as restored or original S54s go for exceptional money these days.

"I’ve installed new seats, harnesses, Black Racing alloys, tidied up a bunch of stuff and got it running well, then campaigned it in the 2015 Classic Adelaide Rally. We got through the last stage and pulled in behind Jim Richards. Suddenly we smelled fuel; we’d blown a fuel regulator, plus the brake booster was full of fluid. We almost rear ended Jim coming into Victoria Park so we parked it, walked away and went for a beer!"



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