1971 Datsun 240C Coupe - Reader Ride

By: Campbell Foster, Photography by: Spencer Leech

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datsun 240c coupe datsun 240c coupe

Campbell Foster talks about his rare '71 Datsun 240C Coupe


Campbell Foster's 1971 Datsun 240C Coupe

It was sold in 1972 in Elizabeth Street Melbourne to a Helga Hagen, hence the license plate.

I found it nine years ago in much the same condition as you see today, but it took three years before Helga finally agreed to sell it to me. It needed a bit of a respray as it was parked next to a construction site and it got splashed with concrete. Other than that, it’s pretty well original.

It’s very basic, the first of the 240C Cedrics – no power steering, no air-con or anything. It’s raw and that’s what I love about it. Later ones got all the extravagant options.

The engine’s nothing special – 2.4-litre, single carb, but it’s enjoyable. It takes a while for people to realise what the car is, especially because of the way the Japs pinched styling cues from American muscle cars.

This car is actually one of only 200, and I spoke to another guy who has one here at Melbourne Datsun Day, which is rare. I know of only five left in Australia, and I doubt there is a whole lot more.


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