1966 Prince A200 GTA - Reader Ride

By: Noel Sinclair, Photography by: Spencer Leech

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prince a200 front grille prince a200 front grille
prince a200 rear prince a200 rear
prince a200 badge prince a200 badge
prince a200 badges prince a200 badges
prince a200 gauges prince a200 gauges
noel sinclair prince noel sinclair prince

Noel Sinclair's '66 Prince A200 GTA was a project he enjoyed building with his son


Noel Sinclair's 1966 Prince A200 GTA

It was a fantastic bonding experience building it with my son. I’ve kept it almost standard except for some engine upgrades.

It came with a single-carb, 106 horsepower engine.They brought out two versions, so I upgraded to the better, triple-carburettor set-up. There are no parts locally, and even overseas they’re scarce because there is a strong Prince fraternity in Japan; the Prince Motorist Club.

In Japan two years ago I met those guys and they can’t believe how many Prince cars we have in Australia. Most of the Princes still alive here are with us today, all thanks to the Prince Register that I’m a member of.

Noel -sinclair -prince

With British brakes, Japanese head, Mercedes block, Jaguar gearbox, and American diff, Princes were intended to have an English feel, American reliability and a German build quality.

It’s an absolute pleasure to drive. I also have a Prince race car at home that is much more powerful, stops better and handles sharper; but I actually prefer to drive this.

Prince -a 200-gauges

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