Datsun 120Y Coupe - Reader Ride

By: Stuart Marshall, Photography by: Spencer Leech

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stuart marshall datsun 120y stuart marshall datsun 120y

Stuart Marshall's 190rwhp Datsun 120Y

I've owned this car for a long time, almost fifteen years I think, so it’s gone through a few different builds in its time.

It was pretty mechanically sound when I got it, but I did need to cut a bit of rust out and respray it. I’ve done a bit of work cosmetically; flared the guards, added 16x8 Watanabe wheels, installed a Golf lip and stuff like that, but the big money is under the bonnet.

DATSUN-120y -engine

It was built and engineered with 1.8-litre turbo engine in 2000. It’s running E85 now with bigger injectors, standalone ECU and all the mod cons. It’s good for about 190
rear-wheel horsepower. Behind the engine it has a five-speed tranny and a Commodore diff.

I do a lot of sprint events at Winton and Sandown and the car performs surprisingly well. I’m in the process of building a half-cage so I can do more track work.

I won the best 120Y award at the recent Melbourne Datsun Day which I’m thrilled about. It feels like my hard work has paid off.

Stuart -marshall -datsun -120y -trophy

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