1969 Isuzu PR20 Bellett Deluxe

By: Belinda Wild

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isuzu bellett deluxe pr20 belinda wild isuzu bellett deluxe pr20 belinda wild

Belinda Wild talks about her '69 Bellett Deluxe


Belinda Wild's 1969 Isuzu PR20 Bellett Deluxe

We caught up with Belinda at the 2016 Bellett Nationals in Albury - here's what she told us about her '69 Deluxe...

Dad came across Jack and Shirley’s Bellett Deluxe and he knew I’d love the colour as I love blue. I always wanted a Bellett and always claimed his 1600GT, but really I wanted one of my own.

I took one look at it and knew it had to be mine! Shirley and I talked for a few hours while Jack showed Dad all the spare parts that came with it. Shirley explained that she special-ordered the colour as she didn’t like the Polynesian Blue that came on the regular sedans, but she liked the blue that came on the GTs. It’s called Royal Blue Metallic and we think there’s only one other sedan in the same colour.

It’s a 124,000-mile car, completely original with a full history. Shirley loved it and drove it around for 40-something years; her kids rode to and from school in it and everything. Then one day she just parked it in the shed.

It’s my baby; I’ve already told my grandad tonnes of times this trip "Break it and I’ll break you!" When I get my licence, I won’t daily it; it will be a club-cruise car and will get plenty of use, but plenty of love too!

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