1966 Isuzu PR90 Bellett 1600GT - Reader Ride

By: Terry and Janet Hill

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Terry Hill talks about his 1966 Isuzu PR90 Bellett 1600GT


Terry and Janet Hill's 1966 Isuzu PR90 Bellett 1600GT

We caught up with Terry Hill at the 2016 Bellett Nationals in Albury - here's what he told us about his 1600GT...

When I was 17, I bought a navy blue Bellett sedan as my first car. When I decided to get back onto them in 2011, I found an ex-speedway Bellett 1600GT, but it was a wreck; just bits and pieces all over a workshop floor. There was a disassembled sedan with it and parts everywhere; a couple of gearboxes, multiple diffs, wheels; you name it. I didn’t know what bits went with what!

My son and I took a couple of loads to bring it all home and the first thing I did was install a hoist! I’d never done anything like restore a car; I’ve been a farmer all my life, but I did the lot; I painted it, welded up the holes and floors; even the exhaust!

There was no conscious decision to paint it Isuzu Motorsport blue; total coincidence. Plus, I had no idea it was a rare PR90 version; around 55 were ever sold here and only a handful remain.

It’s got the wrong grille and bumpers, but because of the race heritage, it’s got tricky suspension, a hot cam and a lightened flywheel. It’s not 100% and it’s a bit hot-roddy but at least it’s on the road!

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