1966 Isuzu PR20 Bellett - Reader Ride

By: Geoff Taylor

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isuzu pr20 bellett donkey isuzu pr20 bellett donkey

Geoff Taylor talks about his '66 Bellett, and how it came to be called 'Donkey'


Geoff 'Stickman' Taylor's '66 Isuzu PR20 Bellett aka 'Donkey'

We caught up with Geoff at the 2016 Bellett Nationals in Albury - here's what he told us about his '66 PR20...

I was having some exhaust problems; in that it had fallen off, when I was stopped by the police. I joked I was "Taking the horse out for its last strap" and the cop looked down his nose at me and said, "If you’re gonna race a horse you ride a stallion not a donkey!" and that’s how he got his name!

I removed the passenger seat and rear bench as I use the car as a daily driver for work, carrying tools, drop saws, bags of concrete, step-treads, painting planks; whatever. And when I road trip, I have a ply base with a mattress and use it as my motor home. I house sit, so when I’m between houses I even live in Donkey. And I love it.

I’m not the driver of Donkey; whenever we travel, I’m the passenger. This trip I got stuck down a narrow dirt road and ended up having to reverse for three miles! Donkey warmed up, but was fine with it.

The biggest trip I’ve done is 11,400k’s taking in Birdville, Isa and Tennant Creek. Very little highway; all backroads, dirt roads and mountain roads; anywhere that the scenery is beautiful and the roads are narrow and winding.

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