1957 Chevrolet - Reader Ride

By: Wayne Cooper, Photography by: Wayne Cooper

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1957 chevrolet 1957 chevrolet
1957 chevrolet bonnet up 1957 chevrolet bonnet up
1957 chevrolet fin 1957 chevrolet fin
1957 chevrolet engine bay 1957 chevrolet engine bay
1957 chevrolet interior dash 1957 chevrolet interior dash
1957 chevrolet dash 1957 chevrolet dash

Wayne Cooper's '57 Chev is a stone-cold classic


Wayne Cooper's 1957 Chevrolet

I originally bought it from Seven82Motors in Queensland, they had it advertised on the internet, but the car was in America when I bought it. So Seven82motors shipped it over and put it on a truck to my place in Melbourne.

I’ve done a substantial amount of suspension work since I’ve owned it. It’s got a 357 Chev motor with Edelbrock aluminium heads, an Edelbrock carby, Turbo 700R transmission and a Pontiac Positraction rear end – which puts the power down really well.

When I first got it, I didn’t know how a Positraction diff worked, and I assumed it worked like a regular limited-slip diff. So when I jacked it up and spun one of the wheels and found that the other didn’t spin the same way, I thought I’d been ripped off. I then took it to a mechanic, and a thousand dollar rebuild later realised that there was nothing wrong with it at all.

1957-chevrolet -wayne -cooper

It’s not a show car by any means; it has a heap of little imperfections. But I’m not too fussed about that sort of stuff, I take it out all the time and I really enjoy the experience of driving it. The steering wheel is still on the left as it was in the States. I don’t understand the point of getting a big American car and then changing it to right-hand-drive.

At some stage I would like to paint it, but there’s no big rush. While we keep getting sunny days I’ll keep taking her out with the family as much as I can.

Valuation guide:
Good original examples of '57 Chevs range into the $50k+ zone.

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