Subaru WRX STI Reader Ride

By: Joe Juratovac

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Joe Juratovac found love at first sight with this 1999 Subaru


Joe Juratovac's Subaru WRX STI

I first saw the car at a dealership across the road from the North Melbourne football ground and I fell in love with it. I had a closer look and thought, man – I got to take that home.

Once I got the car, the first thing I did was give it a big birthday. I cleaned everything and gave it a pretty extensive service – replaced the clutch, tyres and fluids and so forth. Once I’d done that, the car came up a treat. 

This car is actually one of only 400. It was a direct import to Subaru Docklands which I only recently found out. I’ve tried to keep it reasonably original, the only modification I’ve done to it is added better brakes, but it has a lot of cool upgrades on it from the previous owner like the EcuTeK display on the dash and the manifold-back exhaust system.

One day I’d love to get her making a bit more horsepower, a bigger turbo and supporting mods. I’m in the process of getting some new wheels too, something a bit more stylish and I plan to lower it a little bit.

I’ve also designed a period-correct decal for the side. So much for my plan to keep it original. I’m 48 now and my love for cars hasn’t changed. I started with an EH Holden, then later had an LJ Torana and now this. I have no brand allegiance, if it’s fast — I like it.


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