1954 Ford Customline - Reader Ride

By: Graham Sinn, Photography by: Graham Sinn

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ford customline graham sinn ford customline graham sinn
ford customline graham sinn rear ford customline graham sinn rear
ford customline engine bay ford customline engine bay
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Graham Sinn has owned his 1954 Ford Customline for around 30 years and still drives it regularly


Graham Sinn's 1954 Ford Customline

Last of the side valves the 1954, this one was built here in Australia on the assembly line in Victoria or it could have even been here in Brisbane, I don’t know. I’ve had this car for around 30 years and it’s only got 67,000 original miles on it.

Everything’s original about the car condition-wise, it needs little bits and pieces done to it but it’s very original in every way. The people I bought it from had it from new but let it sit for 27 years before I bought it. I’m a Ford man through and through, my grandfather owned the very first Model T in 1916 in the Lockyer District and it was one of two cars only in the area, the other being a Buick owned by the local doctor.

My dad always had Fords, all my uncles had Fords, we’d all go out on Sunday picnics in our Fords, it sort of gets into your blood. Of course I like other makes but my loyalty would be with Ford, whether good or bad and now that is all I own. I had a 1959 Zephyr and I just bought a new Mustang the other day, it’s a lovely thing, we even had Fordson tractors on the farm when I was growing up, so definitely a Ford family.

I drive the Customline regularly as I’m a member of the Early Ford V8 Car Club and take it out on runs with the club, usually once a month. I’ve been all over the southern states in it and it runs very well, as they do, it’s a good car. I’m always getting interest in it and people making offers on it but I’d be happy for it to go to a museum for other people to enjoy it too.

Value guide: Good original examples range into the $30k-plus zone.

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