Rodney Hall's 1968 Ford XT Falcon GT - Reader Ride

By: Unique Cars magazine

Farewell Falcon - the owners: Meet Rodney Hall, an enthusiastic owner of an early GT who reckons it has given him the best 15 years of his life.

As the Falcon production line closes down, we interview enthusiastic owners on their experiences and thoughts.

Rodney Hall's 1968 Ford XT Falcon GT 

My first car was actually a Holden but I quickly saw the error of my ways and swapped it for an XB Coupe which I loved. Unfortunately I had to sell it when I had kids, but after a while I decided I needed another toy car, so I bought this.

I’ve had the best 15 years of my life with this car, it’s been fantastic. I regularly do club runs, attend shows, drive at weddings, its great fun and I’ve met so many good people along the way. The car looked pretty much like this when I got it, I’ve done all the mechanical work myself as I’m a mechanic by trade. The car really has stood the test of time, I drive it a lot. It’s not a show car, I drive it hard, but she’s never really let me down.

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Ford’s leaving was always going to happen I think, with all the other manufacturers closing down. Its simple economics really, it’s cheaper to bring them in than ship them out, and that’s the way it is.

Overseas, they build a lot of nice cars that offer great value for money and our market is just not big enough. But it is really sad, we Aussies build a great product.

The new Mustang is pretty nice, there is no question it’s a good car, but if I had the choice between that and an FG X, I’d go with the Falcon all day. I’ll always prefer home grown. Having said that, maybe one day I will own a Mustang, just not the four-cylinder version, for me its V8 or nothing.

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