1995 VW Golf VR6: Reader Ride

By: Chris Millward, Photography by: Chris Millward

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volkswagen golf vr6 chris millward Chris Millward with his Golf VR6 volkswagen golf vr6 chris millward
volkswagen golf vr6 interior Golf VR6 interior volkswagen golf vr6 interior
volkswagen golf badge Chris' VR6 is a Colour Concept model volkswagen golf badge

Chris Millward's Colour Concept VW Golf VR6


Chris Millward's 1995 Volkswagen Golf VR6

I bought the car in June last year off a friend who had it for about two years. I wasn’t specifically after a VR6, but was admiring from a distance. Owning a six-cylinder hatch is much better compared to previous six-cylinders I’ve had. And it’s fun enough to have the kind of power the VR6 offers with a fairly decent weight to the car too.

The VR6 that I’m in is actually a Colour Concept model, which was a factory option where the interior was colour matched to the exterior of the car. There are little tidbits of differences like having heated leather seats, and colour matched spark leads in the engine bay.

I’m working in a pizza store at the moment and sometimes I have to take deliveries out in the Golf, but I try and avoid that as much as humanly possible heard of ‘nouvelle figuration’ artist Peter Klasen or his craft – ‘a pictorial language that relies on tensions to avoid leaving nasty smells I think Mk3 Golfs may be on their way to becoming classic cars, particularly the VR6s in Australia as they’re not overly common.

I really enjoy the fact that it’s a nice tight little package of a car with power to boot, but also the practicality side of the car offers a lot because it’s quite spacious, and has a few options of foldable seats and extra space to put things like my bikes in the back without any hassles.

VW Golf VR6 Valuation:
You'd be parting with around $4-6K to pick yourself up a solid VR6 of this era.

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