1994 VW Golf VR6: Reader Ride

By: Bob Metz, Photography by: Bob Metz

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Bob Metz and his VW Golf VR6 Bob Metz and his VW Golf VR6 Bob Metz and his VW Golf VR6
vw golf vr6 wheels 1994 VW Golf VR6 vw golf vr6 wheels
vw golf vr6 engine bay 1994 VW Golf VR6 vw golf vr6 engine bay
vw golf vr6 interior front 1994 VW Golf VR6 vw golf vr6 interior front

Bob Metz says every time he drives his VW Golf VR6 it puts a smile on his face


Bob Metz's VW Golf VR6

I purchased the VR6 in December 2015, so I’ve only had it for a short period. I was searching for a new car for a few months and thought I had my mind set on a Nissan RWD turbo. When it came time to get a new car I couldn’t see myself parting with my Mk3 1.8L and at the same time my mate was selling his VR6 as he upgraded, I guess fate took over from there.

Plans so far are to get rid of the stock ECU to help open up a whole field of options. I’m going to fully build the engine and then run a single turbo setup. That should get around 250kw to the wheels. With it being a car that isn’t often highly modified in Australia, I have to reference a lot of builds in the US and Europe. The possibility of hopefully getting a stroker kit to bring it to a 3L 6cyl is definitely on the books.

I was aware when I purchased the car that it was running wheel spacers on the front and I figured it was just to give it the aggressive look. I was coming onto a motorway, and I got to about 80km/h. The car started to violently shake and pull to the left. I quickly pull into an emergency zone on the side of a busy motorway. I get out and have a look around, and my front left wheel is angled with positive camber and the lug bolt cover is bulging out. Luckily I was with a group of mates who had pulled in behind me. After pulling the wheel off, we found the spacer was warped and destroyed. Lesson was learnt. Always make sure you properly size wheels, this could have ended up a lot worse than it did.

I find that the car has a lot of top end pick-up. Off the line and to about 3k it’s a bit dead, then after that it picks up fairly hard for the size of the car. You can definitely feel the weight of the engine as you enter a corner but as long as you have the right gear she will pull through fine.

It surprises a lot of people. It sounds and goes harder than most people would think. Without a doubt, every time I drive the VR6 it leaves a smile on my face. It’s such a fun car to drive.

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