1974 Alfa Romeo Montreal: Reader Ride

By: Dario Soccorsi

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Dario Soccorsi's Montreal is a classic Alfa with a difference - a V8 engine difference


Dario Soccorsi's Alfa Romeo Montreal

I’ve had the car for about four years. I’m the third owner. It’s been a local car for 38-39 of its 42 years. The guy that I bought it from – I think it was about 18 months old when he bought it – has had it for a long time. I’ve been seeing it going round the neighborhood on and off since I was about 13 years old.What got me into Alfas was that Dad had Alfas, and that got me into them. He bought the first Alfettas as they came off the showroom floor and it grew from that. But I’ve always had different Alfas – 105s, then a 2.0-litre, then 1750s. I currently have three Alfas.

The Montreal, being the only V8 Alfa made, I’ve always had something for it. I was just lucky that I heard the owner was thinking about selling it. So I set out to find him. By the time I tracked him down he was going to advertise it on the internet on the Monday and I saw him on the Friday. So I was lucky.

There are no modifications really. It’s virtually orginal and stock. I haven’t done anything to it in the way of real changes. It’s got a set of V5 Simmons on it. I got all the suspension re-done underneath. It’s all been painted up and every bush and rubber has been changed, and there are new springs. So underneath has had a good workout and I’ve only just redone the interior, including the dash and the seats. As you can see I’ve added a bit of ‘sauce’, if you like!

I drive the car at least two or three cars a days a week. We’ve got a couple of guys at home that have Ferraris and stuff like that – we just get in and go for coffees or go for a lap in them. So we really enjoy driving our cars.

My favourite Alfa would have to be the 33 Stradale. That has always been a favourite. I’ve got a lot of posters of that type of stuff, but even these Montreals are pretty hard to find so I was really lucky that it came up when it did and I fortunately own one now.


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