1977 Barp Clubman: Reader Ride

By: Keith Beard, Photography by: Keith Beard

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Keith Beard's Barp Clubman has had a rough life but it's now fighting fit


Keith Beard's 1977 Barp Clubman

It was a deceased estate car when I found it. It’s log booked as a 1977 but it’s not registered as historic. This was one of four built in WA; they run Datsun 1200 engines and gearbox with the engines bored out to be 1300cc. It has solid rear end and independent front suspension. It runs 8s and 10s in the wheels with Formula-3 type tyres. The original log book was lost but CAMS re-issued one so that it still has a genuine 1977 log book.

It runs beautifully, as with most of these cars. We’ve run it at Warwick and at Lakeside a few times, but my feet are too big for the Clubman. I had to put a block of wood on the brake pedals otherwise I’d hit the brake and the accelerator together. That happened one time at Warwick, I thought I could get my foot far enough on the side but, when I went to brake, I accelerated coming into a corner. That was exciting!


Clubman cars vary hugely in value depending on condition, source and history. Around $30k will get a decent one.


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