1960 Alfa Romeo Touring Spider: Reader Ride

By: Andrew Raper, Photography by: Mary Lee

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Andrew Raper has always loved Alfa Romeos and says his 2.0L Touring that he sourced from Italy is just what he wanted in terms of colour and originality


1960 Alfa Romeo Touring Spider 2.0L

I’ve always loved Alfa Romeos, and particularly coach-built cars. Alfa Romeo had a very strong relationship with Touring and Zagato and I fell in love with this particular body style, which is the 2.0l Touring, and I made it my life’s ambition to buy one! So I found this car nearly two years ago in Brescia in Northern Italy and it was just exactly what I wanted in terms of its colour and originality.

It’s got the original engine, all matching numbers and we don’t think that it’s ever been rebuilt and we think the car has only done 56,000km, so it’s really quite rare in those terms and it’s an absolute delight to drive. It sits on the road beautifully. It’s not fast, as with all old cars – I like to say – some are just less slow than others, but they’re all slow! But it’s a beautiful thing and I just adore it.

These are really quite advanced cars, it’s got a five-speed gearbox and it just drives beautifully, nice big drum brakes and lovely Borrani wire wheels. I think the Borranis make all the difference on these particular cars and it’s also in its original colour.

The plates on the car are the original Milan plates. It’s on club reg, but I swapped the plates over when I got here to give it that authenticity.

I use it as often as I can. It took a while when we brought the car out to get it right mechanically. So a lot of work has been done here to just get the car running perfectly. Getting the carbies correctly tuned was a very difficult process, parts were very hard to find. But that’s half the fun of it! That’s the challenge, I suppose, to get these unique cars and put all your attention and love into them. That and having to apply a vacuum cleaner to your bank account!

Today is the first time it has come to a show (Alfa Romeo ‘Spettacolo’ display in Victoria) since it’s arrived in Australia, so it’s great to see the interest in the car.
(Andrew is a member of the Alfa Romeo Owners' Club of Australia - Vic. Divison)


Alfa Romeo built 3443 Touring Spiders and not many remain. Import prices kick off at around $100k.



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