1976 Holden Gemini: Reader Ride

By: Hannah Pahor, Photography by: Hannah Pahor

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Meet Hannah Pahor and her 1976 Holden Gemini.

I got this Gemini back in January 2014, and it was my first car. I was looking for an old car because they’re way better, and my dad and I stumbled upon this one on the Internet.

I think the first problems I had, there have been so many, was that the radiator was leaking, then after that the brake hoses were leaking. Both very important things. I do road trips so that brings out all the problems. The alternator actually stopped working one day on the way back from Cairns in this little country town. I even changed the alternator by phone-light on the side of the road, but it fell out six hours later.

I get pulled over because it’s a bit of a ‘hoon’ sounding car, and because it’s such a bright colour. It’s kind of just asking for it. I’m used to it, but a few police officers have pulled me over and said it’s a random breath test and then said ‘by the way, I love your car!’

The car’s totally roadworthy right now. It’s probably a little too loud for me at the moment, and maybe a little too low since speed bumps get in my way.

I’d love to re-do the whole interior, keeping it as it is but just new. It’s really not in good condition because it’s got tears, and the dash needs fixing.

I was driving down Gympie Road the other night, and at the lights I see someone pull up out of my peripheral vision. I look and he’s trying to get me to wind down my window, so I did. The light went green and we’re driving along and he calls out ‘does it have any rust on it?’ So often I’ll get an older guy stop me and tell me he remembers learning to drive in one.

I’m not planning to get rid of it. As much I hate that there’s no air-con, no power steering and that I have to wind down the windows myself, I also love those things.



Gemini prices vary wildly and start around $4-$5k.


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