1981 Corvette C3: Reader Ride

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Jeff Farlow's 1981 Corvette C3 Jeff Farlow's 1981 Corvette C3 Jeff Farlow's 1981 Corvette C3
Jeff Farlow's 1981 Corvette C3 Jeff Farlow's 1981 Corvette C3 Jeff Farlow's 1981 Corvette C3

Jeff Farlow bought his C3 Corvette in 2012 and says he loves the V8, plus he reckons the style still looks great


Jeff Farlow's 1981 Corvette C3

I bought the Corvette in 2012, and I’ve driven it, shall we say, extensively. I bought it mainly to drive the Great Ocean Road, which I did. It was excellent, just a brilliant trip. It really ran without a hitch, I started it up every morning and I stopped it every night. It just kept going.

With just my wife there are only two of us, and obviously there’s not much luggage space, but it took everything we needed it to. It was just an excellent trip.

It was in this condition when I bought it, by and large. I haven’t really changed anything, but I have made it sound a bit better. It’s just too good as it is. Besides, this is probably as it would have come off the showroom floor, except the tyres are maybe a tad wider.

This was the second-last year of the C3 I think, and after that they started to lose the style. They’re getting it back now, of course, but the C4s were flat and I don’t think that’s really for me.

As they got older, you couldn’t keep them in left-hand-drive, so when I made the purchase it was just on 30 years old and I got to keep the left hook.

After that, I think you can still get an early C4 and keep it on the left.

I think to keep it original, it has to be left-handed. You can’t have them any other way.

This one’s got matching numbers, everything’s the same. I think it had only done 68,000 miles when I bought it, but it doesn’t really matter because in a few years I might hit the hundred and it’ll click back around. Then it’ll only have a couple of thousand on the clock!

For the most part, I just love the style. I love that it’s a V8, I’ve wanted one of these since before I was able to drive. I still can’t believe that in 1981 these were the shape they were. They look great today, so what must they have looked like back then?!



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