1966 HD Holden Ute: Reader Ride

Cameron Sargent's 1966 HD Holden ute Cameron Sargent's 1966 HD Holden ute Cameron Sargent's 1966 HD Holden ute

Cameron Sargent says his 1966 HD Holden ute drives like a dream


Cameron Sargent's 1966 HD Holden ute

I run a 1966 HD Holden ute with a standard 179 motor slightly warmed up and a factory Powerglide auto. It’s a combination that drives like a dream.

By way of colour, I’ve kept it at the original blue, an old fashioned sixties colour. It’s a finish I always think of as being a real solid colour.

My brother Perry weaved his panel beating magic on it and straightened it up for me. Like Perry, I won’t sell this one. I guess it’s because of some sort of sick love for HD Holdens. In my mind they are a little bit like an ugly duckling. The thing is, while the HR Holden’s more popular; the HDs are just that little bit rarer. I like to think they are coming into their own and will become quite popular.

I found this one advertised online and had to do a complete restoration. I brought it back to life by reconditioning everything including the automatic transmission because the car was looking a little sad and tired – although structurally it was reasonably sound.

But now it’s a good running car and I reckon it’s going to outlast me. Having said that I have to admit that the brakes still leave a little bit to be desired. That is, it does prefer to tackle a straight road rather than corners. You simply have to drive it with a lot of forethought, knowing where you are going. I love the fact that with these cars you don’t need to worry about seatbelts. You just hop in, put it into drive and off you go.

Although I bought this one about four years ago, this isn’t my only HD. I now have one of each body style. I have a panel van, a station wagon, a ute and a Premier sedan. I reckon that all I need now is a hearse or an ambulance and I’ll be a complete person.



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