FPV BA MKII GT: Reader ride

Rowen McRae's FPV BA MKII GT Rowen McRae's FPV BA MKII GT Rowen McRae's FPV BA MKII GT
Rowen McRae's FPV BA MKII GT Rowen McRae's FPV BA MKII GT Rowen McRae's FPV BA MKII GT

Rowen McRae's FPV BA MKII GT...

FPV BA MKII GT: Reader ride
Rowen McRae's FPV BA MKII GT



I was in Sydney a couple of years ago for a rugby tournament and decided to fill in some time by going to the NSW All Fords Day at Sydney Motorsport Park. Stumbling around in awe of the biggest collection of quality classic and modern Fords I had ever seen, I came across a Vixen Red FPV BA GT with black stripes. It stopped me dead in my tracks. It was love at first sight and I knew then and there I had to have one. I took photos, lingered for about five minutes, then wandered away to enjoy the rest of the show. When I got back to my home in Coffs Harbour, I showed the photo to my 13-year-old son who instantly decided it was his favourite car...ever.

Fast forward two years and I was looking through car advertisements, dreaming as we probably all do, and there it was, a 2005 Vixen Red, black-striped FPV BA GT for sale, build number 695. It wasn’t the same one from the all Ford day, it was better. Absolutely immaculate. I rang the number in the ad straight away.

The GT was owned by a dairy farmer in Gloucester, NSW, who bought it new and had clearly loved and cared for the car. It spent most of its life in a shed, was driven to Bathurst once a year and around town once a fortnight just to keep the car fresh. It only had 45,000 kilometres on the clock, a full X-Force exhaust with headers and had been tuned to 320kW. The car also came with the FPV folder, the Certificate of Authenticity, the unused invite to the FPV driver training day and even the ‘free gift’ FPV luggage!

A quick conversation with my better half, and we decided to buy it. We got up early the next morning, told our kids that we were ‘going out for the day’ and drove the four hours to Gloucester. The owners were there to meet us and offered to back the car out of the shed. My wife and I stood stunned by the noise of the thing, a beautiful, deep lumpy note from the exhaust. The car visibly shook at idle. So did I.

A quick test drive was all I needed. We bought the car, assured the owners we’d look after it, and promptly drove it home.

I tried to drive into the driveway of our house as quietly as possible, eased the GT into the garage, met my wife at her car, then went inside. I called out to my son and asked him to come out to the garage. The look on his face when he saw the GT was priceless. He stood there, stunned to the point of being speechless, then after about five minutes managed the words "Is that ours?" Yes mate, it is, and will be for a very, very long time.



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