Theo's Cuda – the build gallery

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1 shell stripped 1 shell stripped
2 shell 2 shell
3 bare block 3 bare block
4 parts pile 4 parts pile
5 clocks dusty 5 clocks dusty
6 parts sorting 6 parts sorting
6a shell inner 6a shell inner
7 primer 7 primer
8 paint side 8 paint side
9 paint owner 9 paint owner
10 paint rear 10 paint rear
11 paint complete 11 paint complete
12 steer 12 steer
13 axle rear 13 axle rear
14 rear axle in 14 rear axle in
14a wheel 14a wheel
15 lights badges rear 15 lights badges rear
16 block new 16 block new
17 head 17 head
18 engine pipes 18 engine pipes
19 engine dyno 19 engine dyno
20 engine in 20 engine in
21 engine in 2 21 engine in 2
22 dynamat 22 dynamat
23 seats out 23 seats out
24 seats 24 seats
25 steer wheel 25 steer wheel
26 dials 26 dials
27 dash badge 27 dash badge
28 underside 28 underside
29 underside 2 29 underside 2
30 complete r34 30 complete r34
31 showtime 31 showtime
32 two cars dad 32 two cars dad

See the build behind the feature restomod Cuda in today's issue (#449) of Unique Cars magazine

Theo Totos of Melbourne was kind enough to share his 1973 Plymouth Cuda as a feature car in issue 449 of the magazine (out Feb 4, 2021).

While we show you around the complete car in the mag, there's a whole other story behind building it. 

As Theo told us: "I came across this car as a project, all stripped out and nothing in it. After a few years of blood, sweat and tears, it’s come to this and I’m very happy.

"It was an original car with matching numbers and a 340 (5.6lt) in the front. The original block had already been bored out to 40 over and there was some wear in the bores, and I was a bit wary of going 60 over. So we put the original aside and found another block and took that out to 416ci (6.8lt)."

Of course there's a lot more to it, so see the magazine for the full report. 

In the meantime, enjoy his gallery of build shots, from bare shell to trophy-winner. (Oh and that last pic is with Dad – yep, they're a Mopar family!)

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