Sidchrome Cobra Project Update - Coyote V8

By: Spencer Leech, Photography by: Street Machine

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cobra coyote v8 engine cobra coyote v8 engine
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We check up on the Sidchrome project Cobra as the 5.0-litre Coyote V8 install nears completion


Sidchrome Cobra Project

In case you’re out of the loop, our mates over at Street Machine have been working with Sidchrome to build a monstrous sixties tribute car. Last year, the boys teamed up with Chisholm TAFE and VW Performance centre to construct a killer Kombi van. This time, they’re going all out with a V8-powered Python Vehicles Cobra.

This will be the 101st car to roll out of Python’s South Melbourne workshop, but this is the first time they’ve used a Ford Coyote powerplant. It’s nothing the talented guy’s at Python can’t handle, but the sheer width of the engine requires a whole lot of custom fabrication and clever engineering.

Last time we checked in, the guys had added the suspension, brakes and steering to the frame, and had started developing the one-off rear end to match up to the hefty Tremec transmission.

Now, the guys have slotted in the donk and are working out all the technical bits and pieces required to get the engine running.  First thing on the agenda was sorting the exhaust.

Cobra -4-5

Joe Imperatori, the lead mechanic on the project hand-built not one, but two exhaust systems. One is an under-body set-up to meet regs, while the other is a full side-pipe system.

That involved hand-making the whole shabang, from the headers back. Joe says one side alone took three days to complete, though he reckons the other will be a little quicker.

"We’ve put in place our under-car exhaust system that will allow us to comply with the emissions standards as far as the testing is concerned for registering the car" explains George Vidovic, Founder of Python Vehicles.

"We’re giving the opportunity for the lucky winner to get two systems; the under-car system and the side-pipes," says George "But I think it’s safe to assume he’ll want the side pipes".

Then there are a heap of individual little challenges, such as squeezing in ancillaries such as the alternator. Reversing it was no problem, but then they had to work out a way to tension it onto the drive belt.

Cobra -4-3

The next big step was adapting the gearbox to fit in behind the engine. While the idea was to keep the transplant ‘Ford-into-Ford’ as much as possible, Python did borrow some Holden bits to get the engine fitted.

"It hurts me to say, but yes I’m using HK 327 Chev engine mounts" admits Cobra builder Joe Imperatori "But I did use a Falcon transmission mount".

Though the team are using a lot of modern parts, this build is strictly minimalist, with no creature comforts added.

"This is a full-on muscle car, it’s a 60s replica. So there’s no air-con, no power steering, no traction control, no ABS, there’s nothing that you don’t need" Joe explains "All you need is horsepower".

If all goes to plan, the next stage of the project will be stripping the car down and sending it away for powder coating. You can follow the progress at

Don’t forget, Street Machine will be giving the Sidchrome Cobra away to one lucky winner. For all the info you need on how to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind beast, visit


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