Project Torana Update: Almost There

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project torana on hoist project torana on hoist

Our Project Torana A9X tribute is almost finished, so here's a quick update of where we are up to...


Project Torana - Where Are We Up To?

In our last update of Project Torana, BBE Auto was sorting out the Turbo-Hydramatic 350 transmission. The next step is to truck the car to Glenroy Exhaust centre to have an exhaust system made. Silvio and his crew have done several systems for us over the years and we can vouch for them. We'll give you a full report on that next month.

Meanwhile young Mick (pictured below), ringmaster at Glenlyon Motors, reckons he’s very much on the downhill run when it comes to finishing the car.

Project -torana -mick

There have been a couple of little dramas along the way, such as a starter motor that went to lunch and a brand new ring gear that lost a tooth, but he reckons that’s typical of what happens when you’re doing a ground-up build – stuff goes wrong.

We also had a bit of a wrestling match with the injection system and decided to hold off fitting it until we could get a specialist tuner on to the job of setting it up properly. In the meantime we’ve slotted a carburettor in there so we can start it up and do some of the initial engine break-in.


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