Gallery: Holden HQ GTS tribute car

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Entries are closing soon for your chance to win our giveaway Holden HQ GTS tribute car, so if you haven't done it yet, get your entry in!

Gallery: Holden HQ GTS tribute car
Holden HQ GTS tribute giveaway


Holden HQ GTS tribute giveaway

The countdown clock’s ticking on our stunning HQ GTS tribute giveaway, built by the clever folk at Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars, with not long to go before we pull a name from the hat and make somebody very happy indeed.

Uncle Phil could use a break as he’s getting worn out throwing money at this car. It started life as a 253 V8 four-speed HQ SS back in ’72, and campaigned by Gary O’Brien in the Touring Car Masters championship, taking the Group 2 title back in 2011, so this is the real deal.

We’ve given the car a new lease of life as a picture-perfect street car, powered by a 430hp 355ci lump, a Tremec five-speed, Koni suspension and black paintwork so deep and lustrous you could get vertigo from just polishing the bonnet.

The competition closes on 1st July.

In the meantime, here's a compilation of photos showing the build stages of Project HQ.  



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