Video: Project HQ GTS - part 10

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With a stunner of a body shell sitting on our Project GTS, it's time to get the powerplant sorted. Guy Allen chats with Sean Griffioen from Top Torque Engines & Cylinder Heads...

Video: Project HQ GTS - part 10
HQ GTS part 10


Project HQ GTS tribute build update #10

Our Project GTS body is looking so good, thanks to the great work of Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars, we think it's the best shell we've had on a project car so far. That's a big call, considering the rest of them were so good. The next step is to visit Top Torque in Melbourne to see the progress on the GTS' 355 cubic-inch V8 engine...

Here, Guy Allen chats with Sean Griffioen, ringmaster at Top Torque about the Holden Stroker motor (with parts from Precision International) and Sean even gives some tips on what to look for in a donor engine for your own project.

"We're building a 355 Holden stroker motor" he explains. "A good little package that we hope to make a shade over 500 horsepower."

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Project GTS suppliers:

Precision International: Engine components

Top Torque: Assembly and reconditioning

Mal Wood Automotive Transmissions




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