Video: Project HQ GTS tribute part 7

Our HQ project car gets a bathing in PPG paint and is starting to look menacing...


Project HQ GTS tribute - part 7

With our GTS project car stripped back and prepped, the paint work is being done in sections to ensure the best finish. Uncle Phil visits Gary O'Brien and the hard-working boys at Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars as the car goes into the painting booth.

Gary explains the PPG product being used on the car was once exclusive to the high-end market and is now used day-to-day. "As they develop the products, it just seems to get better and better, you use less of it for a better result," he says.

Our HQ in basic black will be tweaked up with a hint of pearl and then a ceramic clear finish to top it off. As for what colour pearl? "That's a secret!" says Gary.

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