Video: Project HQ GTS tribute - part 6

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The factory look: Gary O'Brien chats with Uncle Phil on the progress of our Project HQ GTS tribute car...


Project HQ GTS tribute - part 6

Our project car might not look much different than last time to the untrained eye, but as with big project rebuilds, the devil is in the detail.

Here, Uncle Phil chats with Gary O'Brien from Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars about some of the preparation techniques on the GTS and is impressed with the progress and the perfect lines on the car. "It will probably be the straightest HQ in Australia when it's finished," he said.

Gary's focus is to achieve factory look for this car, which doesn't mean utter perfection. He says, "we won't be concentrating on having it look seamless inside - we want it to look the way the factory car did."

The shell is looking pretty perfect, but Gary says there's another few days work in it until the next step. "By the time we dress the primer and just check a few things, probably a three-day process would kill it," he said. "We're looking for a higher quality with this project."

As the truckload of bits and pieces arrive from Rare Spares, both Gary and Uncle Phil start unwrapping and admiring the range and detail in each of the parts, ranging from the instrument gauges and replica stickers, to the GMH markings and original part numbers.


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