Video: Project HQ GTS tribute part 3

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Our Project HQ GTS has now been stripped back, which shows just how much work is ahead...


Project HQ GTS tribute

Project GTS has been stripped down to a hollowed-out shell and a surprisingly small pile of parts. Gary O'Brien, who also runs Bendigo Accident Repair Centre, is surprised by how good the body is and says it will "feel like a brand new HQ."

There's not much car left at this stage, but it's the best way to prevent rust from appearing a few years later.

Gary says, "You need to do it properly. You pull everything off and put it back on, it costs a lot, but the car will be right forever...I reckon by the time it's on its wheels it's going to be up around 800 hours."

Gary and Uncle Phil have a pretty big task in front of them...

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