2009 Chrysler 300C SRT-8 - today's tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

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6.1lt V8

Chrysler’s big 300C was hard to miss when launched here in 2005. As one of our features points out: "The big, wide, boxy, slab-sided sedan with its big chrome grille, low roofline and small windows projected an unrivalled bad-ass road presence like no other car, including the hot Holdens and Fords it competed against in showrooms."

The car had a fair of Mercedes-Benz DNA built into it, taking some componentry from E- and S-class models.

Our feature notes: "The 300C is roomy and luxurious inside, is comprehensively decked out with plenty of kit - even at entry level - and didn't disgrace itself when roads had bends in them. That sounds like a recipe for a future classic."

Unique to the Chrysler however was the optional 5.7lt Hemi V8 claiming a healthy 250kW. This SRT-8 runs the larger 6.1lt 317kW powerplant with auto transmission.

This example is with Pennant Hills Auto, priced at $16,000.

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