2017 HSV VF GTS-R - today's tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

gtsr1 2017 HSV VF GTS-R - today's tempter gtsr1
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Last of the ultra-quick Holdens

If you wanted a final-generation quick Holden, VF series and SS-V were probably the letters you were looking for. Those of you who managed to score a drive of an SS-V Redline series will know they were very quick and impressive cars.

We'd expect this VF HSV GTS-R to be on another level.

The formidable form of that generation Holden and old-fashioned value-for-money made it all the more difficult to understand why the company went out of bvusiness. For decades it had been talking of building 'world-class' cars, and then finally it really delivered. And shut down. Go figure.

For the would-be collector, the late-generation cars are well-worth a second look. While they may not yet have the kudos of some chrome-bumper classics, that will change. After all, they're not making them any more.

Claiming a mind-boggling 435kW (580hp-plus) from its 6.3lt LSA V8, it runs a six-speed manual transmission

With under 14,000km on the odo, this example evidentlly comes with all the paraphernalia you'd hope for, including documentation and factory car cover.

It's with Muscle Car Warehouse in Sydney, priced at $225,000


See our SS-V profile.


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