Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV + Monaro CV8-Z + Porsche 356 B T6 'Outlaw' - Auction Action 466 2

By: Mark Higgins

alfa romeo 105 alfa romeo 105

The auction world is full of surprises, with big sales and the odd bargain. Here are some of the highlights.

1971 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV

Sold: $99,000
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Hands up who’d like to see a modern-day version of the 105 Series Alfa Romeo? I reckon it’d sell like hotcakes. This gorgeous 1750 GTV underwent a full resto, including a rebuild of its twin-cam 1750cc four-cylinder engine and is an Australian delivered car. A turnkey classic it's painted Blue Olandese, with tan Italian leather and genuine wood inlays across the dash and it rolls on correct 14-inch steel wheels.


2005 Holden Monaro CV8-Z

Sold: $55,100


The CV8-Z was the farewell model Monaro and, like Rembrandts, they ain’t gonna make any more of ‘em. This one was built in August 2005. Finished in the bespoke colour, Fusion this example sports a four-speed auto behind the 5.7-litre V8 and has travelled 110,812km. It is sold with owner history and service books. A modern classic or daily driver, it could easily be used as both.


1963 Porsche 356 B T6 'Outlaw'

Sold: $241,500
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Want a one-off Porsche? Then look no further than this 1963 model Outlaw. Rod Emory's Outlaw models have been built since 1996 and to date, he has created over 170 examples. This is where the Vendor of this 1963 model took inspiration and since its restoration and rebuild it has covered just 10,500kms. The resto saw a modified Porsche 912 motor fitted, with 155hp, driving the rear wheels through a Type 741 four-speed manual.


1972 Holden HQ GTS Monaro

Sold: $204,100


Pssst, want a virtually brand-new HQ Monaro coupe with a 308 V8, auto box and zero kilometres? This car had done 70,565 miles when it was taken off the road to undergo a 12-year front-to-back resto with every nut and bolt replaced or refurbished. The same goes for the mechanicals and interior. Since the resto, this Baroda Silver Monaro GTS hasn't been driven, so it's like a new one.


Auction watch: what's movin' & shakin'

Mercedes C204 C-Class coupe


The time is ripe to grab a C204 series (2011-2015) coupe with prices under 20 grand. Like all Benz coupes, prices will go up as they age. These compact coupes were offered with 1.8lt turbo-four petrol in two stages of tune, badged (C180 and C250) a diesel turbo (C250CDi), a 3.5lt V6 (C350) and a tyre-frying C63 V8 coupe too. Let us look at the fours for now. Despite the lack of cylinders, the fours of either fuel type deliver an engaging drive and there is plenty of kit and kaboodle in the classy interior. Find one with service history and the lower the kms the better. Ensure a Benz specialist sees it first. The right one will reward you every time you slip behind the wheel.


From Unique Cars #466, May 2022


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