1995 Mitsubishi GTO - today's tempter

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Techno flagship

By the time this generation GTO had been the produced, the concept of a high-end 3.0lt all-wheel-drive techno flagship (lower spec 2WD versions were also offered) from Mitsubishi had been through several generations of development.

The GT or GTO series was as much about technology bragging rights as it was performance and the car found itself in pretty heavy competition with the likes of Nissan’s more popular top-end Skylines.

Nevertheless they have a following. Our friends at Which Car have a feature delving into the history, which notes: "One of the hallmarks of a Japanese performance car was lots of technology and the poster child of this ethos was the Mitsubishi 3000GT. Even compared to the high-tech R32 GT-R, the 3000GT (known as the GTO in Japan) was a complex beast, featuring a transversely mounted, front-mid-engined twin-turbo V6, anti-lock brakes and all-wheel drive.

"Heady stuff for the era, but the 3000GT went even further with adaptive dampers, all-wheel steering and active aerodynamics, which could alter the angle of the rear wing by 15 degrees and lower the front airdam 80mm at speed to increase downforce."

When this example was made, the company was making several variants, so it pays to get your head around what was available. The seller says it’s a Mitsubishi Racing Lightweight version, which in part means twin turbo V6 and six-speed transmission.

Based at Ballarat (Vic) it’s offered with a RWC and is on the market for $50,000.


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